Active Vs Passive Candidates: Why Companies Are Opting For The Active!


Active Vs Passive Candidates: Why Companies Are Opting For The Active!

In the past, when it was asked by company managers to compare active vs passive candidates, the conclusion was reached that they would rather hire a passive candidate. Over the years, however, talent professionals have declared that 9 out of 10 times, they would rather opt for the active candidate as they provide a fresh outlook for the future. Active candidates can be found in every environment, and they’re actively pursuing new and innovative opportunities in the work industry. In fact, 71 percent of all adults are actively searching for a much better job and willing to try working with a new organization.

With that being said, it seems that the roles have become reversed– with good reason! Passive candidates were once the prized ponies of the industry as they represented a portion of the population that were skillful workers not seeking new employment since they were content with their jobs. However, modern workers that have become the so-called active candidates carry the torch as being the most proactive and skilled employees, therefore, becoming more sought after.

Top candidates have the belief that actively considering new job opportunities can help them advance their careers. The consistency of these types of workers has led recruiters to conclude that the future lies in the hands of the active workforce.

Active Candidates Are Cheaper To Recruit

It can get expensive to convince someone to leave a job they were content to begin with. In fact, 87 percent of all talent professionals support that passive candidates are expensive to recruit. Apart from the recruiting expenses, passive candidates generally expect to be paid more for their efforts if they leave a company. Additionally, it was found that only 28 percent of active candidates felt that a salary increase was necessary in order for them to consider a new job opportunity.

Active Candidates Embrace Change

Change is what makes the decision to take on a new job opportunity so hard for most people– especially passive candidates. The active candidates are ruled by the idea of change in their lives, and they embrace it. In addition, active workers have been found to have more passion than those that are content with their current jobs.

Active Candidates Aim To Please Employers

In a recently conducted survey, employers as well as talent acquisition leaders have found active candidates to have a higher motivational drive. Candidates that show interest and enthusiasm in their jobs are twice as likely to apply these attitudes in their skill sets, making them a much better employee.

When you consider active vs passive candidates, only 25 percent of employed individuals fall into the active category. Though in past years many companies have opted for passive individuals, it may be high time to re-evaluate the need for active workers in any organization. These are the future of our work industry and the people willing to show enthusiasm for change and innovation in the field of technology.

Tips To Find Passive Candidates


Tips To Find Passive Candidates

Looking to find passive candidates as soon as possible, but not finding it easy? This is something a lot of businesses are going to struggle with and that is a part of the process. It is imperative to sit down and take a look at what is being done wrong and then make the necessary tweaks from this point forward. Let’s take a look at a few tips that should make it easier to find passive candidates in a relative hurry for those who want them in place as soon as possible and can’t possibly wait.

Compel Through Job Postings

Job postings have to be compelling to make sure the deal is sealed. You are not going to want to take a risk when it comes to this aspect.

Make sure you have sat down and sifted through the entire job posting ensuring it looks as good as you want it to. When you do this, the rest is going to fall into place and you are going to be more than good to go with regards to the final results.

There is no reason to go ahead with the process, if you are not willing to put in the time to create a great job posting.

Move Away From Compensation

It is quite easy to sit down and just start talking about compensation because that is what makes the most sense right? With active candidates, this might be fine, but you have to make sure you are being as careful as possible.

Don’t just try to throw money at them. They are not going to be as pleased. You have to state the interview has to be conducted and then compensation will be looked at.

This is going to intrigue them as they will wonder what is on the other side of this offer.

Let Them Know What Is Going On

The reason passive candidates are hard to nail down is because there is no emphasis placed on debriefing them on a regular basis through the process. They are going to lose interest as they were not active in the first place.

You are going out of your way to get them and that has to be shown by telling them how the process is working and how they are doing. This is also going to let them ask about anything that has been running through their mind.

These tips are going to help push the business to the next level and those who make the most of it are going to make sure they are headed down the right path. There is no need to get stuck with the wrong candidates when a few simple tips are going to ensure you go with the best of the best and nothing short of that. Those who settle are the ones who are never going to be content with the people who they have on board and that is a risk not worth taking at all. These tips should go a long way.

The Ins And Outs Of Recruiting Passive Candidates


The Ins And Outs Of Recruiting Passive Candidates

Recruiting passive candidates is not always going to be easy and there is a complete process in place that has to be followed. Those who don’t do this are the ones who are going to find it hard to get the job done and find the best of the best. It is critical to understand what is required to recruit these candidates and what is going to get the job done as needed. Those who follow these tips will see results immediately.

Maintain A Proper Line Of Communication

A proper line of communication is a must when it comes to making sure both of the parties are on the same page. This does not happen as much as it should and that is going to push the candidate away because they are just not going to be interested enough to sit around and see what is out there. Don’t take this sort of risk and make sure you are on the right page. Make sure they understand you are going to debrief them every step of the way.

Move Away From The Job

Recruiting passive candidates is not going to be a walk in the park, but you have to make sure they don’t feel as if the job is all that matters here. While, it might in your eyes, you can’t show this to them. You have to be willing to connect with them and build that relationship.

Look to focus on them and ensure they feel as if they are truly wanted and you are not just winging the process and looking to sell the job to them. This is not always going to be an active selling job and should not be pursued as such.

You have to be willing to sit down and just listen to what they have to say about themselves.

Learn To Listen

There are many recruiters who make this mistake and that is unfortunate to say the least. They are just not willing to sit down and listen, which tends to hamper their results as a whole. It is critical to be an active listener and make sure they feel as if you are willing to listen to them. Don’t come across as a sales person who is just looking to jam everything down the candidate’s throat in one shot.

These are the ins and out of going with passive candidates and those who follow through with some of the tips that have been provided here are going to have a much better time during the process. This is a process where many issues are going to arise when things are not done as properly as they should have been. It is key to sit down and take a look at what works and what does not for proper results. Those who don’t do this are the ones who are going to struggle the most. Pay attention to these tips as much as you can.

Tips for Successful Implementation of Staffing Solutions


Tips for Successful Implementation of Staffing Solutions

The adaptability ration of contingent and temporary workers through the involvement of executive search firm has tremendously increased over the last several years. However, not all players in the corporate sector, private or public, have managed to leverage staffing solutions wisely to maximize the benefits. A fact is a wide variety of staffing solutions are available that offer flexibility in staffing but much should be done to ensure that it something that provides success in different aspects. Here are several tips that can help in that regard:

Executive Support – A deeper analysis of some of the factors that lead to the failure of a staffing solution shows that lack of administrative support is one of most influential factors. According to the analysis, recruitment of temporary workers is often done without any concrete understanding of the needs of the managers and how the new workers will work in correspondence with the managers and their extend role in the company. It is thus very necessary for the needs and expectations of the executive to be clear and understood before the recruitment of temporary workers.

Clear Goals – Besides having a clear picture of what the executives needs and having the necessary support from the same, it is important that the goals of the company in relation to the existing staff (from the executive to the subordinates) are clearly laid out before recruitment. It is important to have room for any changes that might be necessary in respect to the solution based on the business dynamics.

Realistic Solutions – A common mistake that most companies make is to go “BIG,” which pushes them to implement staffing solutions that do not necessarily serve the companies’ end goals. Such big moves tend not to meet the companies’ expectations. For instance, recruitment based on large-scale projections may not be a beneficial approach. A suitable approach is to use a phased strategy that focus on one department at a time to see how well a staffing solution performed before making any new recruitments.

Basic Expectations – It is important to avoid thinking that every staffing solution will work in each department. A safer bet would be to have a routine analysis of the expectations before recruiting any temporary works and doing the same based on the new productivity levels. Another thing to keep in mind is having basic and realistic expectations; nothing can happen in a single swoop, it takes a systematic approach that will see things accomplished phase by phase.

Agility and Flexibility – Many a times, the implementation of staffing solutions or the utilization of staffing services such as contingent or temporary workers are done based on experiences and historical data. It is important to understand that success has something to do with growth, and growth means changes in the business in different aspects. Hence, opting to do things as mentioned will more often than not lead to undesirable results. The ability of the company to be flexible when adopting these solutions is essential for their successful implementation in respect to the success of the business.